Crafty retreat at mom’s

I will be at my family’s mini farm on a crafty retreat/lil sisters’ 7th birthday/away from work vacay til next Monday.  I WILL be working on some fresh tutorials and new projects for ya’ll to gander at!  Also, If you head on over to my Craftystuffs facebook page, if I hit 100 fans, I will give away 2 pairs of classic sized microchet earrings! my Microchet earrings!Huzzah!

So, share the blog, tweet with me, like Craftystuffs on FB and SHARE!  xoxo, Krys

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Big Ass Book of Crafts 2 GIVEAWAY!

Do you like crafts? Can you follow simple directions? Do you want a free book?

Go on here and find out HOW!  Mark Montano is the Han Solo of the crafty world.

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Hallo, craft monkeys!  I decided to write a lil thank you love note.

I LOVE CRAFT: MAGAZINE and I dearly miss it in print.  It silently (read:like a loud blubbering baby) makes me weep that so many awesome magazines such as this one and my other love affair, Ready Made, are out of print.  At least CRAFT: keeps it alive online!  I will be celebrating the 5,4,3,2,1! blog being on CRAFT: with Paula Deen, PBR, and me doing a stupid duckface. Ahem:

I am at my mom’s on vacay for a week, MORE TUTORIALS AND FEATURES ABOUND! no rest for the wicked!

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Yay! Wilma Magazine posted the photo spread featuring Port City Yarn Love (yarn lovers, yarn bombers and yarnie philanthropists) and Craftystuffs-upon-Etsy!  Port City Yarn lovers that were A HUGE help: Monica and Andrea (The Kitty)!!

If you would like to purchase any of the items I made for Craftystuffs, go here

Also, you can go to Edge of Urge and get you a Freaker!

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8 minutes with Krista from Canoo!

Hey everybody in crafternet world! I am starting a new monthly Q&A  called 8 minutes with ______.  I want to get crafters to answer 8 q’s and share their answers and a couple of pics (I draw one of ‘em, why not?)  


This inaugural column is with the adorkable Krista Allison of Canoo, based out of Asheville, NC!


1-Give me a one sentence summary of you, one of your craft and one of your hobbies!
Me: socially phobic recluse, crazy cat lady, damn kids better stay off my lawn, i like bees and spiders.  My craft: monstrous, creepy-cute, fuzzy, dorky, carpal tunnel-inducing, full of color and texture.  My hobbies: the cats, the hiking, the music, the ballroom dancing – tango, y’all.


2-How did you ‘find’ your craft?

I found my craft abandoned in a laundry basket in the closet when I was hard pressed to come up with some stock for a craft show.  Panic made me make monsters.  I started out trying to make cute handbags and things, but found out I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, and that’s when I switched to monsters.

3-What are some of your favorite materials to work with?


Obviously, I love felt and fabric.  I love scavenging for materials at Goodwill, and I love never paying full price for most of my supplies.  But I also have a huge stash of fancy yarn, even though I haven’t done any knitting in a long time.  And I still have a thing for clay.

4- What tools are you the most fond of?

I’m smitten with my Olfa rotary cutter that makes perfect circles.  And my cheap-ass grocery store scissors that are still better than the pricey ones I got from the craft supply store.

5. Where do you find inspiration?

5. Inspiration comes from within, like a parasitic twin.  Other than my own special crazy, I get ideas from the materials themselves: after felting the sweaters, I never know what I’m going to get when I open the washing machine.  That’s when the character of the fabric shows itself, and I start to see possibilities for the end product.  I also get inspired by the music I listen to non-stop – some monsters are punk, some like to cha-cha-cha!

6- What tricks or tips do you have to get rid of crafters’ block or a case of the lazies?

If I get stuck staring at a problem for an hour and can’t make a decision, I have to stop and go do something else.  I either work on another project, or stamp some business cards, or crunch numbers, or just take a walk, maybe rough up some cats.  Or I might need to sleep on it.

7- How do you organize your craft/etsy supplies? Any specific system to ‘keep it together’?

Or…gan…ize…?  What is this strange new word you’re using?  Seriously, I’ve gotten better, but it’s a huge undertaking for me.  I got my fella to build me a shelving system in my studio, and it’s helping a lot.  Now, instead of piling up my sweaters and forgetting they’re there, I cut them up right after felting – sleeves in one pile, torsos in another, and straight onto their proper shelves.  That way I can see what I have to work with, and I don’t have to go digging.

8- What shining moment are you most proud of?

Shining moment… there are lots.  Every time I get into a juried show, every time a new gallery owner says they want to carry my stuff, every time a customer comes back to tell me how much their kid loves a thing that I made… it’s pretty awesome.  But I guess my favorite was receiving a hand-drawn thank you card from a 9-year-old.  The family was on vacation in Asheville, and she fell in love with a stuffed rabbit I made.  And Mom said no, and they went home, and the kid kept hounding Mom until she gave in.  And they emailed me to get the rabbit shipped, but by then it had sold, so she had to settle for a different one, and we went back and forth with photos of rabbits, and it took forever but the kid got her rabbit, and then she made me a thank you card, and it is friggin cute as hell.  Yeah, that one’s on my fridge.

I have gotta thank Krista for being the first to be subjected to the questions! For more of her goody-ness, she has a gallery showing in Asheville starting in October at Woolworth Walk downtown Asheville, NC!  For those of us who cannot travel, we can visit her shop on Etsy:

And show her some love on FB!

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Hola! here are some updates, a few links and a pic!

So the Wilma Article is coming out in like a week!  super stoked!  I am helping the Wilmington Etsy Street Team/Wilmington Arts & Crafts get it together, trying some new techniques out and causing crafty mayhem with Lauren, Jenni and Erin, ANNNNNND  I will be at Aniwave 2011!  As an arteest (more like crafteest!) This is Wilmington’s only Anime/Japanese culture/manga con, so at $6 for a ticket, I best see you there! December 4th!


Also some neat-o bandito craftyness around das interwebz:

A bit of yarn porn for all you spinners, hookers and knitta’s.

Do some fall cleaning of your craft stash (since we craft more in the winter anyhow, pregaming it makes sense)

and finally: Bleach pen fun!

and your obligatory picture:

yeah, I drew this time travelling dinosaur gentleman.







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killer can decor!


decorate your home or office using scraps! and its easy!

whatchu need:

scissors, glue ( I recommend e-6000… amazing stuff, holds like epoxy!) regular paper glue, fabric and/or yarn scraps or paper scraps and misc., a clean and dried tin can ( I used green giant) with a smooth edge ( don’t wanna cut yourself)

can 1

gather materials. I am using yarn I hate to crochet and groovy dress trim from the 60’s…possibly off of one of Phyllis Diller’s dresses. cans, amazing glue (or glue gun)

not shown:scissors

glue edge of fabric to can and make lines of glue around the can. you will slightly overlap the fabric and cut at pattern end. glue down and hold for 10 sec.

once that is done, decide if you wanna add more. my fabric is not tall enough for the can, so I used yarn I loathe. glue down the first strand and then just squiggle the glue on the can to the top. wrap yarn tightly around can. I added some to the bottom of the can too. and a lil doohickey of a dragonfly.

voila! a nice can for crochet hooks!

paper can quick how to:

i used magazines from japan and tacky glue, but mod podge works nicely. basically mark the paper where you need to cut it. glue the first strip down (like the fabric) squiggle glue on can, wrap paper around, glue end down. i glued a zipper ( with e-6000) to hide the seam.

I would like to thank Mark Montano of the Big Ass Craft book for the introduction to E 6000 glue.

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Cheap found wall art!

I am gonna have a bunch of these ALL over the wall.

I live in the Condo of Doom.  Our walls are ‘Botany Beige’… ew, not very ‘doom-esque.  I am a paint fanatic and love funky colours like celedon and café au lait and since I am NOT allowed to paint, CHEAP ART is the answer!

So I have these canning jar rings that were a hot mess and NOT useable for canning just sitting in the stash.  Also some spray paint, sharpies, a pencil, scissors and cardstock ( I used the backside of a promotional poster from work.)  You can also do mini scrapbook tableaus, stamps and other paper art.

spray paint the caps and let them sit for a couple hours til not tacky to the touch.Then grab your supplies!

get your supplies and draw!

trace a circle using the lid and fit your art inside. Be aware that you will lose about an inch aroun the circle going in. Cut the circles out.

place the picture into the lid, face down so that the pic shows up on the opposite ‘flush’ side

voila! simple and cute! you can also use these as 'whimsy jar' lids

voila! simple and cute! you can also use these as ‘whimsy jar’

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Dear Google Reader….

Before you, I was a sad mess of menu links in my browser….  All my bloggies scattered everywhere….  Hard to read, not uniformly formatted and a pain since I use 3 compys in the Condo of Doom.  But, lo, thou art my new love.  You just make it so easy to read blogs and discover new ones!  I think I would like to date you, you are so efficient and clean cut, you give me what I want, sigh.

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Saturday linkage!

here are some great links!

a pretty cowl-

what what??? a travel craft suitcase???

and a quick skirt…just in time for fall!













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