Stylized granny square canvas hightops

Granny squarin’ the high-top way!

So, you like those designer granny square kicks?  Well, we all “like like” them, but I am not “in LOVE” with them… why?  Because they are like a kajillion bucks!

Here is a SIMPLE as pie (and cheap as well!) project!

Granny squarin’ the high-top way!

What you need:

  • Plain canvas Ked/Converse type shoes (I prefer a complete canvas.  Go to Family Dollar or other big box to get plain white or black canvas shoes on the cheap!)
  • slanted/edge acrylic paint brush
  • Assortment of acrylic paints in fun colors! (I used what I had!)
  • pencil to sketch your design -optional

get your supplies!

Okay,  first, take out the shoe laces… trust me on this.  Alternately, you can dye them another color or replace them with cooler laces!

Next, get your paints ready.  I tend to use a plastic ziplock or paper plate for a palette since it is easier clean up.

gold, red, black shimmer and silver were chosen.

If your hand is not steady or you are as paranoid as I am, pencil in your idea.

So, I am going for a more folks-y stylized granny than the original designer shoes had and am opting for one LARGE granny on the outside (like chuck taylors.)


build each layer carefully, but know that you can smooth it out after!

In retrospect, red was a royal pain and VERY unforgiving.  I had to wait for it to dry and then re-border it, making it chunkier… c’est la vie.

Now, don’t limit yourself to granny squares!  Painting “macro” knit or crochet stitches would also rock!

Have fun! -Krys

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2 Responses to Stylized granny square canvas hightops

  1. My girls love Converse and one was just checking out the “design your own” Converse site! They would love doing this!

    Thanks for entering the blog conference giveaway – but we already announced our winner! Hope you can still make it!

    • craftystuffs says:

      Awesome!! I am glad they will enjoy! Unfortunately, I JUST found out about the conference and since I can’t seem to find a job, I have no money to go/cannot afford a ticket 😦 maybe next year!

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