Breathing new life…with a purpose!

I have been avoiding this blog, not because of just not wanting to do anything, mainly because I have moved to another city, ::finally:: got a job to pay bills, killed my poor camera, taught some 60 people to crochet at Maker Faire Raleigh, and have been down a computer. What a heck of a few months, eh?

Well, fear no longer, my crafty denizens!  I have been writing the outline for 2 books, re-imagining the brand and talking a ton about something called ‘synergy’… Mainly because I am keeping Craftystuffs as a FREE site for tutorials, heads up on free patterns, linkies to events and the like!

This also means, dear crafters, the consolidation and renaming of my handmade line of accessories and oddities.  They will not make their presence be known, save the event of a giveaway. That line is still yet to be named.  I will be holding a contest to help me name it, once I have a gift bundle to send out!

Also, I am working on an campaign to help me re-launch this site to better glory and ease of use for YOU, dear reader! I want to own the craftystuffs domain and build a better site, host videos, get a good used camera capable of some video clips and macro depths (if you have seen my old tutorials, you would understand that up close detail is a MUST!)  I am writing the proposal to ask for a micro fund of $1500 which will allow major things to be done!  Look for that link soon, there are perks for people who donate!

Again thank you.  I have gotten encouragement from friends to relaunch after I taught them something or other… I love teaching and seeing new generations of crazy crafters emerge! -*K

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