The Guest blog series bio #1!

Kirsten Houseknecht, who does business as Fabric Dragon in the SCA and on Etsy and around the web, has been involved in crafts and arts since she was a child.   “I have probably tried any craft you can name, and while I don’t claim to be good at all of them, I have at least tried them.”  She is a fixture at most craft stores, hobby shops, Science Fiction conventions, and Steampunk events.

She teaches beginner to intermediate knitting, spinning, jewelry making, and costuming, as well as teaching introductory classes in scrap booking, journal arts, and ATCs.   Since most of her students are now better than she is, she claims she must be a REALLY good teacher.

She currently runs a home based business selling beads and jewelry and other odds and ends, and has gone back to school full time for her B.S. in Fashion Design.

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