killer can decor!


decorate your home or office using scraps! and its easy!

whatchu need:

scissors, glue ( I recommend e-6000… amazing stuff, holds like epoxy!) regular paper glue, fabric and/or yarn scraps or paper scraps and misc., a clean and dried tin can ( I used green giant) with a smooth edge ( don’t wanna cut yourself)

can 1

gather materials. I am using yarn I hate to crochet and groovy dress trim from the 60’s…possibly off of one of Phyllis Diller’s dresses. cans, amazing glue (or glue gun)

not shown:scissors

glue edge of fabric to can and make lines of glue around the can. you will slightly overlap the fabric and cut at pattern end. glue down and hold for 10 sec.

once that is done, decide if you wanna add more. my fabric is not tall enough for the can, so I used yarn I loathe. glue down the first strand and then just squiggle the glue on the can to the top. wrap yarn tightly around can. I added some to the bottom of the can too. and a lil doohickey of a dragonfly.

voila! a nice can for crochet hooks!

paper can quick how to:

i used magazines from japan and tacky glue, but mod podge works nicely. basically mark the paper where you need to cut it. glue the first strip down (like the fabric) squiggle glue on can, wrap paper around, glue end down. i glued a zipper ( with e-6000) to hide the seam.

I would like to thank Mark Montano of the Big Ass Craft book for the introduction to E 6000 glue.

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