The Kickstarter campaign

So I just authored a submission to kickstarter to make Craftysuffs Mercantile a reality.

Some of the things I want this center to be:

A center for learning:  Wilmington is overwrought with yarn shops and quilting shops asking for $50 or more for a lesson!  UGH!  I am proposing a skill share style of classes, taught by one another, co-op style. AFFORDABLE.  Learning how to knit, sew, paint and craft is not a privilege.  It is going to help people rely less on retailers and more on becoming self sufficient and sustainable.  There will be cheap and free workshops in addition to the mega-affordable classes.   How about hosting crafty parties?  We clean up the mess and would be open to birthdays, baby showers, scout/civic groups (to earn badges!)  and local groups wanting the space for team building through craft excercises.

 Also, a library and copy service to get patterns you need or articles to better your skills with!

A safe place to create:  How many times have you tried to sew or scrapbook and a pet or roommate or child has ruined hours of hard work?  College students can’t exactly bring all their sewing/crafting/art gear to their dorm.  How about a place  that has these facilities to rent by the time block?  Sewing machines, sergers, cutting tables and the like available for your craft, in a supportive and helpful atmosphere.

A place to trade:  Hosted swap meets/free craft marts, bizarre bazaars, a consignment base favorable to the crafter (think etsy store!) and vintage, local, handmade and unique craft supplies to buy!  I want to carry fabric, patterns, books, local zines, ephemera and the lot.   Affordability is key.

A place to share:  Would you like to join or start a craft club?  How about some comfy couches and good lighting?  You say you want to do a gallery style craft show?  Trunk show?  The local groups like Stitch n’ bitch, craft mafia etc have to rely on crowded coffee shops to host their groups.  This would be a place to host a charity quilting bee or a Wilmington Etsy group!

I also hope this expands to offer wood/metal shop and kitchen factions….

So tell me. What do you think?

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