CRAFT: 5,4,3,2,1

crafty partay

My laser backdrop I made with Kateorade, and a custom bedazzler...

One Project You Are Particularly Proud Of

1: This WILMA magazine shoot with yarnbombing (October issue pics on mah flickr!)!!!

Two Mistakes You’ve Made in the Past

1: Watching a movie or Star Trek:TNG whilst crafting.  I have messed up more things and wounded myself by watching Picard and the gang…  I now make mood-craft cd’s to make stuff to!

2: tTurning the computer on… Facebook, craft:blog, angrybirds, Offbeat home…. next thing you know, the day is gone and I still gotta make dinner.  No projects done!!!  Darn ADHD…

Three Things That Make Your Work Unique

1:My process.   My microchet jewelry is probably not a new idea, but I have a “permanence” process to make these your fav earrings.  I made these, ya'll!

2: Funky picky bone.  I love ironic things and random kitsch…  certain colors attract me (70’s palettes!) and certain prints make me happy when I am creating, and certain textures make me purr like a kitten!

3: There is no way to speed up the process.  I revel in making things and hate “mass productivity”… There is no replacement for the quality of handmade!

Four Tools You Love to Use

1:  My crochet hooks.  I have some ChiaGoo bamboo hooks, random aluminium hooks, chunky acrylic and some old porcelain coated metal hooks from England. They have all been handpicked and I heart them all!

2: My boyfriends drafting table. It lights up!

3: Fiskars ergonomic scissors!   They need a sharpening now,  but my wrist LOVES them!

4: Tag punches from Marvy Uchida.  Mine are now 5 years old and I have 2 sizes so I can make my own price/gift tags and earring cards!  They are troopers!

Five Inspirations

1: My craft Library…  Vintage sewing/crochet magazines, patterns from the 50’s, Ready Made and old CRAFT: issues, modern craft books from Debbie Stoller, Kathy Cano Murillo, Jenny Hart and my craft hero, Mark Montano… Also my 3 ring binder of crochet take-its from craft stores, hand written diagrams, and printed patterns from Ravelry .

the ol' crafty den.

2: My mom… We both suffer from attention deficit crafting diso…ohhh glitter! syndrome….We will craft or sew ANYTHING!  She is my ‘crafty dealer’

3: Senses:   Certain things just feel right…. Yarn is like that.  Fabric and metals too!   Feeling it, seeing it and yes, smelling it…( Crayola has a zen like way of getting me calm.  Smell a box of Crayolas.  You’ll see.)

4: The mall:  What better way to combat the retail cesspool than to get ideas and make it yourself!?!

5: My Crafty Bitches group.  Me and 4 of my pals making dinner and crafting it up to de-stress  and make cool stuff!  It is an exclusive group, ha ha~! start one yourself!

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3 Responses to CRAFT: 5,4,3,2,1

  1. How fun! My mom is a Trekkie and would have the same issue crafting whilst watching. ;D

  2. jojoebi says:

    ahh CSI is my downfall!

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