glue blocking lace pieces and mini crochet

So, I made these adorable little crochet granny squares out of embroidery floss ( I have lots in my stash and no patience for cross stitch or embroidery…) so I figured, MAKE JEWELRY OUT OF THEM!!! yeah! how to get them to keep shape…

you need:

mini lace pieces or a granny square crochet with embroidery floss and a B hook. (tutorial later!)

mod podge, bowl, warm water. 1:2 ratio.

the case of beer is optional!

rust proof pins

a foam block, Styrofoam piece or the like.

step 1: dissolve/stir the glue and warm water till it looks like milk in the bowl.

step 2: dip piece into mix and swish it about a bit.

gently wring out excess water then gently pull to desired allowable shape.

step 3: pin to board as shown, not straining the pins any, but making a nice tension.

notice the green squares.. they were crochet the same size, one is wet blocked with pins, the other is untouched.

Once all squares are blocked and set, allow to sit overnight in a room with moving air via fan.


USE quality embroidery floss if you are going to crochet! also, tuck and weave any loose ends into the work so they aren’t hideously apparent when hardened!

all blocked to dry!

pictures of the dried pieces tomorrow after the Game!


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